Chinese Bamboo Carving Part I & II
A 2 Volume Set
Author: Ip Yee & Laurence C.S. Tam
Publisher: Urban Council, Part I - 1978 (first edition), Part II - 1982 (first edition)
Produced by th Hong Kong Museum of Art
Published for an exhibition in The 3rd Festival of Asian Art presented by The Urban Council Hong Kong, 15 October 1978 to January 1979
Hardcover with dust jacket: Part 1 - 563 pages, 48 colour plates, 211 monochrome plates Part II - 351 pages 1 colour plate and 53 monochrome plates.

Part I -Message from the Chairman, Urban Council -Acknowledgements -A Study of Chinese Bamboo Carving -List of Colour Plates -List of Black & White Plates -Chinese Dynasties & Reigns -Colour Plates -Four Centuries of Chinese Bamboo Carving

Part II -Preface -Explanatory Notes -Index to Names and Pseudonyms of Bamboo Carvers -Biographical Notes on Bamboo Carvers -Bamboo Carvings before the Ming Dynasty in Literary Records -Bamboo Carvings by Known Carvers of the Ming Dynasty and Later in Literary Records -Bamboo Carvings by Anonymous Carvers of the Ming Dynasty and Later in Literary Records -Bamboo Carvings Selected from Hong Kong Collections -List of Figures and Colour Plates (A. The Bamboo and Its Growth, B. Marks of Bamboo Carvers, C. Ink Rubbings of Bamboo Carvings, D. Colour Plate) -Selected Bibliography

Language: English / Chinese
ISBN: Part I - 962-215-012-8, Part II - 962-215-041-1
Size: 10-1/4” x 8-5/8”
Condition: Used, dust jackets sun bleached at the spine and the top of the front cover, signs of age, use and wear, otherwise excellent condition.

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