UH80036 Burmese Bronze Buddha, Shan States, a seated image of Lord Buddha depicted in padmasana, (interlocking legs position) and the hand mudra in bhumisparsa (earth touching) wherein the right hand resting over the left foot with the fingers just touching the base and the left hand palm up in the lap, incised detail depicting facial features with heavy eyelids, protruding lips, attenuated earlobes exaggerated to the shoulders, hair curls above a forehead band and conical usnisa finial, the robe simple, all resting on a simple raised base, the surface encrusted with traces of the original lacquer and gold leaf.
Condition: Minor surface losses, casting flaw cracks where the image meets the base , bottom of base uneven, tip of finial missing, otherwise fine.
Measuring: 5-1/2 inches high x 3-5/8 inches wide x 2-1/2 inches deep.
Weight: 1 lbs 10 oz.
19th century

Ex Collection: Sally Fall, San Diego
Honeychurch Antiques, Seattle 2004
Ex Collection: George & Sylvia Lu, Potomac, MD

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