UH80029 Thai gilded copper alloy sculpture of Phra Malai visiting the damned to hell, a standing monk image with a basket slung over his right shoulder costumed in relief floral decorated robe standing on a lotus base affixed to a square base having a variety of skull and emaciated figural images, including a skeleton laying at the base being devoured by a centipede.
Traces of original red and black lacquer coating with gold highlights, signs of wear otherwise fine condition.
11 inches high, the base 4 in. x 5 in.
Bangkok Period, 19th century.
Ex. Collection: Sally Fall, San Diego

For a similar example see: Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Emerald Cities: Arts of Siam & Burma, 1775-1950, Exhibition held October 23, 2009 - January 10, 2010, Item # 94 with the following passage: “Sculptures seem to emphasize Phra Malai’s visit to hell more than his visit to heaven. Hell is portrayed by grotesque figures on the base of statues. On the base of no. 94 four human beings are paying respect to Phra Malai from hell. On no. 95 frightening animal-headed underworld creatures alternate with skeletal sinners appealing to Phra Malai for assistance so they can be saved and reborn in a heaven, while other sinners stew in vats. On the upper surface of the base a corpse is attacked by a huge worm.”

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