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Large Japanese 3-section Clothing Chest, crafted of chestnut and cedar with the entire facade of a thick rosewood veneer.
Overall: 64-7/8”high x 69-1/2”wide x 16-1/4”deep.
Taisho Period, Circa 1920
Japanese Kuruma-dansu, a wheeled storage chest traditionally kept in the Kura. (storeroom) containing valuables.
34-1/2” High x 60-1/2” Wide x 27-1/4” Deep.
Edo period, circa 1850.
Japanese Merchant's Chest (choba-dansu).
35-3/4" High x 35-3/4" Wide x 16-3/4" Deep.
Circa 1880
Japanese Isho Yaro-dansu (single section clothing storage chest) from Sendai
34-3/4”High x 46-1/2”Wide x 17”Deep
Meiji Period, Circa 1880
Japanese chest-on-chest for clothing storage (isho kasane-dansu) from Yonezawa
38-1/8”High x 47-3/4”Wide x 18-1/4”Deep
Meiji Period, Circa 1880
Japanese pair of isho kasane-dansu (stacking clothing chest) entirely crafted of kiri (Paulownia tomentosa)
Measuring: 42-1/4” High x 79” Wide x 16-3/4” Deep
Meiji Period, circa 1900.
Japanese Nagasaki Lacquer and Coloured Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Display Cabinet (Kazaridana) on a stand
Measuring 35 inches high x 22 inches wide x 13 inches deep.
Meiji Period 1867- 1912
Japanese Rosewood Square Tea Table in Chinese style.
13” high x 35-1/4” square
Meiji Period, circa 1900
Isho Kasane-dansu, Kiri Wood (Paulownia)
41" High x 37" Wide x 16-1/2" Deep
Meiji Period, Circa 1900
Japanese Rosewood display stand/table in Chinese style with narrow legs having a beaded edge and rounded corners.
Measuring: 35-3/4” high x 19-1/8” x 16-5/8”
Meiji Period, circa 1900.
3-section stacking clothing chest
Kiri Wood (Paulownia)
60-1/2" High x 37" Wide x 16-1/2" Deep
Early 20th Century
Japanese Carpenter's Tool Chest.
25" High x 9-1/2" Wide x 12" Deep.
Meiji Period, Circa 1900
Japanese bamboo and rosewood display stand, used for Ikebana or an Okimono
4-1/4” High x 21-1/4” Long x 13” Wide
Late 19th Century
Japanese Cha-dansu (tea-chest) crafted of a Chestnut casing with a Rosewood veneer and Paulownia drawers.
Measuring: 28-1/2” high x 24-1/4” wide x 10-3/4” deep.
Taisho period, Circa 192.
Japanese burl wood hibachi, used as a source of heat in the winter months
11” High x 17” Long x 17” Wide
19th Century
Japanese burl wood hibachi, used as a source of heat in the winter months
13” High x 16” Long x 16” Wide
19th Century
Cho-dansu (merchant’s chest)
Kiri Wood (Paulownia)
18-7/8” High x 19-1/8” Wide x 13” Deep
Taisho period, Circa 1920
Japanese rosewood display stand, used in the tokonoma
2-3/4" high x 17-1/4" long x 10-1/4" deep.
Taisho Period, circa 1920
Japanese Kitchen Step Stool, splayed design for sturdiness, crafted of hinoki(cypress).
17-3/4” High
Meiji Period, Late 19th Century $150
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