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Japanese Fish shaped Fulcrum for the Pot Hook Assembly over the hearth
5-7/8" High x 14-3/4" Long x 4" Wide
Late Edo, Circa 1800
Japanese carved stone figure of the beckoning cat Maneki Neko, all carved from one solid piece of sandstone
8-7/8” High
Early 20th Century.
Japanese Bizen Maneki Neko (beckoning shop cat), low fired clay figure
10" High
Taisho Period, 1911-1922
Japanese loom from Tohoku
Measuring assembled:
57” High x 60” Wide x 17-1/2” Deep
19th Century
Japanese clay molded sculpture of a black Maneki Neko
9-1/2” High
Early 20th Century.
Japanese Buddhist prayer beads strung as one long necklace
19th Century
Japanese Samurai Signal Fan
13” High
Circa 1860
Japanese Umimatsu tea scoop
4 inches long
Early 20th century

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