UA03141 Chinese ink rubbing of a stone stele engraving, dating to 1680, mounted as a hanging scroll, a lovely scene of two cranes symbolic of longevity under a pine tree, the writing not translated. Minor creases, repaired tear at the top of the scroll mounting otherwise fine condition. Image measuring: 73-1/2” high x 31” wide, Mounting measuring: 85-1/2”high x 39-3/4”wide. 19th century.
Ex Collection: Frank “Till” & Peggy Durdin, San Diego.

For three other examples of this image see the Rubel Chinese Rubbings Collection at the Harvard Fine Arts Library. They give the following descriptive historical reference as: “Rubbing of stele depicting 2 cranes in landscape setting of pine tree, rock, flower (wisteria), lotus and water images. Painting and calligraphy done by Zhu Jiyi. Stele outlines drawn by Zhou Zaifeng; title tablet calligraphy by Feng Xiu. 2 seals of Zhu Jiyi follow the inscription... Script style: in kai shu. Song he tu (Cranes and Pine trees)-- cranes and pine trees have long been Chinese symbols of longevity and good health. A Pair of Cranes symbolizes "Long Marriage", as Cranes mate for life. Rubbing from stele with inscriptions on both sides. On the other side of the stele is "Guan zhong ba jing tu" painting and inscription also by Zhu Jiyi... Original stele is currently in Xi'an bei lin, exhibition room 4. Stele date: Spring of 19th. yr. of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty (1680).”

For yet another example see Chicago’s Field Museum, listed in the Fieldiana Catalog of Chinese Rubbings as #1304 with the following Description: “Sung-ho t’u (Landscape, pinetree, cranes.) Li. Hsi-an. Confucius Temple. Keng-shen cycle year. CHU CHI-I, art. Seal of FENG HSIU. 189 x 79. 244810 Illus.”

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