UH00028 Chinese Taoist Painting, ink, colors and gold on paper of the 2nd deity in the Taoist trinity of the 3 Pure Ones, Shangqing representing the highest purity, mediating between heaven and earth, unusually depicted seated on the back of a mythical recumbent lion on a cloud with a deep blue background having eight additional lion faces in the hair curls of the lion. Shangqing holds a jewel, ball or bowl in his right hand and holds his left hand upright in a mystical teaching gesture, costumed in gold painted robes and the small Taoist crown. Minor pigment losses and signs of restoration, a possible out-take from a larger painting. Measuring: 11-1/8"high x 9-1/8"wide, framed and glazed 16-3/4" high x 14-3/4" wide. 18th Century.

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