UH20056 Chinese Populist Religious Painting of Selected Deities, ink, colors and gold pigments on paper, depicting at the top a trinity of immortals, which can be identified as “Fulushou”, (The Star Gods) of Emolument holding a Rui Scepter (left), Good Fortune holding a wine cup (center) and Longevity holding a fly whisk (right), another possible interpretation of this triad is the “San Tai” (Three Generations) including Lu Dongbin on the right, below this triad are two guardians with a possible identification being Marshal Zhou on the left in armor, holding a halberd, bearded with a snaggletooth  occasionally  paired with the Sprit Official Wang Ling Guan recognizable by his red hair and beard, third eye, iron whip, and unique hand gesture of golden light with his middle finger extended upwards, on center is an altar tablet with inscription and on the bottom row are two female figures with attending children, the figure on the left identified as Tian Hou (alternatively known as Mazu) the Empress of Heaven paired with Guanyin the Goddess of Mercy with a Boy standing on her knee holding a paintbrush and tablet in his hands. Mounted as a scroll with simple silk brocade mounting in fair condition. Measuring: 79” x 36” Image measuring: 57-1/2” x 32”. Minor losses, staining and smoke discoloration otherwise good condition. Qing Dynasty, 18th century. $2,200.

Ex Collection: Lewis & Dorothy Simon, Yonkers, New York.

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