CF60007 Japanese album leaf painting from the Heike Monogatari at the Battle of Awazu (1184) where Tomoe Gozen, the wife of Minamoto Yoshinaka, fights beside her husband where she is known to have taken an enemy head, the scene depicting Tomoe Gozen in battle and in full armor riding a white horse grasping the head of a warrior alongside her also on horseback, all painted in ink, mineral and gold pigments in detail on paper with speckled gold leaf mist. Minor losses, water stains and signs of wear otherwise fine condition. 7-7/8” high x 10-3/8” wide. Contemporary frame: 13-3/8” x 15-5/8”. 18th century. $1,200.
Ex Collection:
Private Collector, Florida.
Charles A. Greenfield, New York.

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