NH11022 Japanese ink on paper wood block shunga artist’s color and pattern illustration with instructions for the woodblock carver and printer, depicting a sumptuously clothed amorous couple, the woman on top wearing a beautifully patterned kimono in a plovers in flight over waves design, the man lies beneath her as she guides his erect penis with her hand into her, his kimono in an intricate pattern of prunus blossoms and fences, there are no background details just a variation for her lip design, several character instructions as to designations of color and pattern, unrecognizable signature in the lower right hand corner. Minor discolorations otherwise fine condition. Framed & Glazed.
Image: 15” x 22-1/2”, Frame: 22-3/8” x 30-3/8”. Late 19th Century. $2,800.

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