CF60005 A set of four Japanese woodblock prints by Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III) 1786 - 1865, of half length actor portraits in various roles, all from the same series having a pine bough background, large crest (mon) outline with cursive script, a rectilinear cartouche depicting different kinds of fish with the name of the actor and role he is playing, the actor costumed in graphic blue and white patterned robes, published by Kagiya Shobei, each having a date seal (5/1863) with aratame and signature cartouche reading: “nanajuhachi sai Toyokuni hitsu” depicting the following: 1) Ichimura Kakitsu IV in the role of Misao no Takeshichi, carved by hori Ota Tashichi, 2) Kawarazaki Gonjuro I in the role of Araiso no Danshichi, carved by Matsushima hori Masa, 3) Ichikawa Ichizo III in the role of Hakakure no Jokichi, carved by Matsushima hori Masa, 4) Sawamura Tossho II in the role of Kanagashira no Genpei, carved by hori Ota Tashichi.
Each Oban size measuring: 15 inches x 9-7/8 inches.
Each framed and glazed measuring: 19-5/8 inches x 15 inches.
Excellent condition.
Dated 1863.
$2,000 for the framed set.

A Seattle Private Collection.
GEMINI - Galerie für Japanische Kunst, Munich.

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