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CC1010: Jirozaemon-bina - $6200.00

CC1010: Jirozaemon-bina

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Antique Japanese doll pair of Jirozaemon-bina, very rare and unusual Girl’s day display doll rendition of the Imperial Couple in the style of Okada Jirozaemon, a mid-18th century Kyoto doll maker, unusually round heads with painted features done in the hikime kagihana (”line eyes, hook nose”) style with small painted mouths, clothed in silk brocade textiles. The female in a kokin-bina style junihitoe gown with phoenix embroidered sleeves, the  hand painted train at the back partially remains, holding a painted folding fan at her waist, wearing a beaded wire crown. The male in a simple black ho (probable replacement), holds a wooden scepter in his right hand, a sword at his left hip, and an eboshi cap on his head. Original wooden bases covered in checked paper with striped silk front cloths. 
Condition: Minor losses, repair to male’s right hand, overall fine condition.
Figure: 10 in. high (overall 13 in. high.)
Edo Period, circa 1820.

Ex Carabet Collection, California.

Collecting Japanese Antiques, Alistair Seton, p.269, fig. 479.
Estimated Packaged weight 8.00 lbs

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