CY93306: Luis Chan Watercolour

CY93306: Luis Chan Watercolour

Luis Chan watercolour chen fushan fantasy Island LUIS CHAN Chen Fushan WATERCOLOUR 1905 - 1995 LUIS CHAN Chen Fushan WATERCOLOR on Paper 1972 Hanart Hong Kong Chen Fushan LUIS CHAN WATERCOLOR Fantasy Island 1972 LUIS CHAN Chen Fushan WATERCOLOR Fantasy Islands 1972

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Chinese ink and water colours painted on paper by the artist, Luis Chan (Chen Fushan) 1905-1995, a fantasy landscape depicting islands in a dream blue sea, one barren island formed of human form ghosts inhabited by one isolated fire breathing dinosaur, the other two islands inhabited by animals of varying types with just as varied vegetation. Signed in Chinese and English, dated 1972, and stamped with three artist's seals. Framed and Glazed.
Excellent condition.
Measuring: Painting, 28-1/2 in. high by 54-3/4 in. wide. (72cm x 140cm),  Frame size, 29-1/4 in. x 55-1/2 in. x 2 in. 

with Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong 1987
Private Collection, New York

For similar works from the 1970’s depicting Fantasy Islands see the exhibition publication:
The World of Luis Chan, Chang Tsong-zung, Ministry of Community Development National Museum Republic of Singapore, 1987.
A related work dated 1975: Sotheby’s Hong Kong, Modern Asian Art, 03 October 2016, lot 5051.

Biography from the March 2017 Retrospective of Luis Chan @ Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong:
Luis CHAN (CHEN Fushan) (1905 – 1995)
Luis Chan was an eccentric Hong Kong genius who, as one of the first generation of Chinese modern painters, has become legendary in the history of Chinese contemporary art. The full corpus of Luis Chan’s work in his long artistic life is breathtaking in scope. Chan was born in Panama in 1905 to Cantonese parents, and settled in Hong Kong with his family in 1910. As a landscape painter from the late 1920s to 1960, Chan developed a lively English landscape style and used to go on painting expeditions around Hong Kong, sketching watercolours that captured the rich and varied life of the enclave. By the late 1930s Chan had become known locally as the ‘King of Watercolour’. Together with artists Lee Byng (Li Bing) and Yee Bon (Yu Ben), he was also hailed as one of the ‘Three Masters’ of Hong Kong painting. In the 1950s, Luis Chan abandoned his orthodox style and entered a period of intense experimentation with a wide spectrum of international avant-garde styles, from Abstraction to Pop and Psychedelia. In the late 1960s, Luis Chan underwent dramatic transformations in his visual rhetoric; inspired by the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life, his landscape fantasies reach into the deep recesses of the subconscious collective mind of the city. This intensely idiosyncratic and creative outburst continued through the 1970s and 80s into a whole range of late paintings that are fantastic and cosmic in scope, with a wild visual logic all their own. Luis Chan was also a widely published art critic and writer, a renowned social figure and a seminal catalyst in Hong Kong's art circle. From his first solo debut exhibition in 1933 until his final show in 1993, Luis Chan presented 47 solo exhibitions over his long career and published countless articles on modern art.

For a detailed documentary on the artist see this Video produced by Hanart TZ, 2017:

From the Sotheby's New York Asia week selling exhibition March 2018:
Luis Chan: The World Comes to Him
“Above all else art has to stimulate the imagination”—Luis Chan, 1984

A painter, teacher, writer, curator, and ardent cultural advocate, Luis Chan (1905-1995) was born in Panama in 1905 and moved to Hong Kong at the age of five. He hardly travelled beyond its shores, but avidly read international art publications, painted constantly and remained a pivotal figure in the development of 20th century Chinese art. Starting with Western-style oils and watercolor, Chan soon developed a diverse repertoire of styles that did not fit within any prescribed genre or movement. His works range from surreal Chinese ink landscapes, fantastical portraits in oil, to graphic Matisse-esque collages and bold abstract experimentations reminiscent of ‘action’ painting.

 This March, Sotheby’s New York will present a selection of works by Luis Chan representing all stages of his artistic output. His artworks intuit the frenzied, dynamic development of modern Hong Kong over six decades, from a sleepy fishing hamlet to the metropolitan city of his late years. At the heart of this exhibition is the constant presence of a man who viewed the world wielding a paintbrush and wonderful joie de vivre.
The Exhibition Catalogue can be seen here:
For a short video see:

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