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NG81015: Bronze Egret Incense Burner

Bronze Egret Incense Burner

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Japanese bronze incense burner in the charming cast form of a stylized egret standing on one leg with the left leg extended up and forward, the head held back with the long beak pointing heavenward, fine detail and patina, the body serves as the incense receptacle with detachable wing cover having individual feather and key fret border detail and the main smoke aperture being the mouth, complete with a wood base wired to the bronze for stability.
Fine genuine patina, two of the three wing apertures encrusted, evidence of minor repairs, otherwise fine condition.
10” high.
Weight: 2lbs. 3oz.
Early 20th century.

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NG91011: Hanging Bronze Boat Flower Container

Hanging Bronze Boat Flower Container

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Japanese bronze hanging flower arranging container in the shape of a boat, sharp angular form with flat bottom hull base and center water receptacle sitting within a removable hatch, suspended by an iron chain attached at the tip of the prow and at the corners of the stern. Wood storage box.
Minor surface blemishes otherwise fine condition.
Measuring: 4 in. high x 15-1/4 in. long x 5-3/4 in. wide.
Meiji Period, Late 19th century.

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NH00022: Bronze Crane censer

Bronze Crane Incense Burner

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Japanese bronze incense burner in the unusual form of two cranes on a rocky outcropping each standing with necks outstretched to the heavens, the larger crane with removable wings serving as the censer cover.
Signs of wear and use otherwise fine condition.
18” high x 7 in. x 7 in..
Weight: 4lbs. 2 oz.
Meiji Period, Circa 1900.

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NH30100: Bronze Okimono Two Rabbits

Japanese Bronze Okimono of Two Rabbits

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Japanese Bronze Okimono grouping of 2 figural long eared rabbits, consisting of a mother rabbit up on her hind legs and her child on all fours. They can be arranged in a variety of juxtapositions successfully expressing the nature of  rabbits. 
Excellent condition.
5-1/2 in. high x 6 in. long x 3 in. wide.
Early Showa period, 20th century.

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UH80177: Kumataka Okimono by Kazan

A Bronze and Mixed Metal Okimono of a Kumataka Mountain Hawk-Eagle, Kazan-saku

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A Bronze and Mixed Metal Okimono of a Kumataka Mountain Hawk-Eagle (Nisaetus nipalensis orientalis). Naturalistically cast as a raptor perched with one leg on an ancient pine tree, the other claw retracted within the breast feathers,  the feathers finely detailed with shibuichi (60% copper, 40% silver), a mottled silvery gray replicating the feather colouration found in nature further detailed by inlays of shakudo (copper, 5% gold) for the black markings, further details of gold cartilage and shakudo beak and claws, finely detailed eyes applied in glass. The bird is cleverly pegged into the stump base, on the underside of the bird is the cartouche in relief “Kazan saku” The support form of an ancient pine wherein the detail  features of branches, needles, cones and cicada are cast in bronze and the Japanese alloy Karakune (copper, tin and lead). On the backside of a lower root also marked in a relief cartouche “Kazan saku” 

Condition: Some minor karakune losses to the pine needles on the base, minor signs of blemishes to a few of the mixed metal surfaces, the most prominent being the left side of the beak, otherwise excellent condition.

22-1/4 inches high overall (56.5cm) x 11 in. wide x 9 in. deep.

21 lbs.

Sealed Kazan saku, Meiji Period (late 19th century).


Provenance: Private German Collection

For Other Bird form Okimono by Kazan see: 

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Bonhams London, Fine Japanese Art including two masterpieces by Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883-1959), lot 516 A gilt-bronze and silver okimono of a cockatoo.

Christie’s Online Innovative Japanese Design: Art of the Meiji Period 4 - 18 November 2015, lot 41 A patinated bronze model of a crow.


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